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Joseph Rhoiney

Wesley Campbell

Russell L. Knight III


Joseph Rhoiney

Rev. Wesley Campbell

Science Bound's Director, Wesley Campbell, received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Purdue and has served as the director of minority programs for the Purdue School of Technology since 1995.

Campbell's previous experience includes C.E.P. Manager/Professor of mathematics at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas, Grant Manager at Brookhaven College in Dallas and an engineer with Procter & Gamble Co.

Campbell received his master's degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing his doctorate in biblical studies from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Ind.

Rev. Campbell is the VP of Christian Ministries/Global Reach Global Harvest for Ministry ONE.

Russell L. Knight III

Russell L. Knight III has spent thirteen years involved in youth ministry in the Chicagoland area. He most recently served as Youth Minister for Calvary Covenant Church for 10 years and was a member of the Executive Board of the Central Conference for the National Covenant Denomination. In addition to these positions, Russ has preached to numerous congregations, mentored countless teens and served in multiple capacities within the church. He is currently the Regional Manager for the largest family owned pest control company in the Midwest, personally responsible for revenue grossing $2.5 million annually. Russ will soon celebrate his 16 year anniversary to his wife Fonta and is father to 11 year old Russell IV and 6 year old Arielle.

The Reverend Cecilia Tribble Holmes

The Reverend Cecilia Tribble Holmes is the Assistant to the Pastor of the New Birth Christian Church of Chicago. In this role, she is able to use her gifts of preaching, teaching and music to serve this growing congregation. As a servant of God, her lifelong motto has been, “Make me a blessing.” She has done this in many ways in ministry as well as in her secular employment in social services. Many can attest to the awesome ways that she has sown into their lives.

Reverend Tribble Holmes is a lifetime resident of the City of Big Shoulders, Chicago. She is a graduate of Lindblom Technical High School. She attended Bishop College where she sang in the concert choir; The University of Illinois, Chicago; and is a recipient of the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Roosevelt University. She has also taken graduate courses in Pastoral Care from Trinity International University. This, plus personal study and revelation, has allowed her to rightly divide the word of truth while ministering to a hurting world.

Cecilia has a lifetime love for music and has served as a church musician for over five decades. She is a pianist, organist, director and psalmist. In that time she has performed with some of the top gospel and church musicians around the nation. However, her passion is developing young people so that they might not only use their talent for Christ but also live for the Lord.

However, her role as a mother and grandmother rounds out a full existence. She is the mother of two accomplished musicians and the grandmother of four lovely granddaughters. Most of all she is a praiser who uses all that she can to glorify God.

MBI Alumni News 2009

Ministry ONE - Joseph Rhoiney

-a story about Joseph Rhoiney '79
The media today can be very influential, and it is often found bringing a message of despair, hopelessness, and conflict. Seeing this influence of the media, Rev. Dr. Joseph Rhoiney 79 and the team at Ministry ONE have been given the burden to use it instead to bring a message of joy, hope, and reconciliation to a lost and dying world. Through the avenues of media, men s ministry and missions, Joseph and Ministry ONE seek to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals all over the world.

Originally from Chicago, Joseph came to know the Lord as a teenager while attending Camp Sun-Chi-Win (now Sunshine Cove Christian Camp) in Union, Michigan. He became very involved in his parachurch youth group, Chicago Gospel Youth Center. Some of the leaders there, many of whom were Moody students doing their Practical Christian Work (PCW; now Practical Christian Ministries) assignments, encouraged Joseph to think about attending Moody.

Joseph recalls many favorite memories from his time at Moody: flagpoling, basketball tournaments, music tours, Founder s Week, Missions Conference, late-night runs to Gino s pizza and Mr. J s, Junior Senior Banquet, and graduation. He also fondly remembers many memorable professors, including Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. William Baker, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Dr. Douglas Stephens, Dr. Walter Banks, and Dr. Renald Showers, as well as the many new friends he made from around the world.

Looking back at his time at Moody, Joseph believes that his time here helped prepare him for his ministry. Since Moody Bible Institute is a world leader in evangelism and missions, I learned from class work and PCW how to exercise my gifts to build the Kingdom, Joseph said. Moody exposed me to world evangelism through missions, radio and sound biblical instruction. It truly prepared me for leadership in communications and world evangelism ministries.

In addition to graduating from Moody, Joseph has degrees in communications, education and divinity. He is currently seeking a postgraduate degree in educational leadership. While at a summit meeting for urban church renewal on the campus of Moody during the summer of 2000, Joseph felt God s leading to begin a ministry targeted towards men and boys in the urban areas of America. This leading of the Lord led Joseph to begin Ministry ONE. Ministry ONE s vision is to minister to the world one heart at a time. Ministry ONE is committed to positioning its ministries to be communications centers to edify, educate and evangelize a dying world for Jesus Christ.

Ministry ONE s focus is on the ministries of media, men s ministry and missions. Through media, they seek to teach biblical truths through radio, TV, and the Internet. With their involvement in men s ministry, Ministry ONE hosts bi-annual meetings and focus group developments. Finally, through missions, Ministry ONE is seeking to connect ministries from West Africa to America and develop new, innovative ways to foster kingdom community around the world.

In 2006, Pastor Wes Campbell, director of Science Bound at Purdue University, urged Joseph to expand his ministry to help those less fortunate in third world countries, specifically in Ghana, West Africa. While there, they met some wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who love the Lord and were very interested in Ministry ONE s Bible training and radio ministry. The opportunity to develop men s and children s ministries is a wide open field [in Ghana], Joseph said.

Ministry ONE has been asked to teach in their small Bible school, train men and boys in the villages, conduct leadership development modules, and also do discipleship and fellowship facilitation among different denominations. Also, to Joseph s knowledge, there is no Christian TV in Ghana, and he realizes that now is the time to bring some of the gifts of our world to their world. Christian media is most needed in West Africa and beyond.

In addition to Ghana and West African countries, Ministry ONE also is seeking to plant, sow, water, and cultivate media, men s, and missions ministries in South America, beginning with Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Through the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit, Joseph said, I seek to have God s favor in every facet of ministry to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Joseph asks for prayer for their future workers, developers, teachers, builders and prayer warriors. We need to be like-minded believers who would take a glimpse of this vision and commit to make these things happen for the cause of Christ, Joseph said. Please pray for vision for Joseph and also for the development and furtherance of Ministry ONE and the media work in Ghana, West Africa.

Ministry ONE


(A first-look at the future of Ministry ONE)
Faith *** Hope *** Love

Purpose Statement: Serve the Lord with gladness (Psalms 100)

Vision Statement: ministering to the world ONE heart at a time

Mission Statement: Ministry ONE s focus is on the ministries of media, men s ministry, creative church programs and missions. Through media, they seek to teach biblical truths through radio, TV, Social Media and the Internet. With their involvement in men s ministry, Ministry ONE hosts periodic yearly meetings and focus group developments to expand the Kingdom Agenda. Finally, through missions, Ministry ONE is seeking to connect ministries from West Africa, Latin America, Asia and Australia to America and develop new, innovative ways to foster kingdom community around the world.

Core Values:

· Glorify God and His Son
To glorify God and His Son through fidelity to His Word and by the power of the Holy Spirit; fostering spiritual growth through worship, prayer, and study of the holy scriptures the Bible.
· Promote Biblical Unity
To model and promote the spirit of love and unity in the whole Body of Christ, embracing all individuals, ethnicities, church groups and denominations who acknowledge Jesus the Son of God as humankind's only Savior and Lord.
· Encourage Spirit-Filled Living
To encourage all believers to receive and experience the fullness, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised and commanded; thereby to assist their spiritual formation into the likeness of Christ, in character, witness, and service.
· Minister with Integrity
To conduct all ministry with a grace and integrity that communicates honestly and handles finances accountably; seeking by purity of policy to enhance the credibility of Gospel ministry in the eyes of the world and all believers.

Statement of Faith
We believe in God the Father, Creator of everything, Who loved the world He created and sent His only Son to be our Savior.

We believe that God the Son is Jesus of Nazareth, the Savior sent by God, Israel s Messiah, born of a virgin, fully man and fully God.

We believe that God the Holy Spirit quickens us from death to life, indwells all those who receive Jesus Christ by faith as Lord and Savior and continuously conforms believers to the image of Jesus Christ.

We believe the death of Jesus Christ on the cross is sufficient in itself to make atonement for the sin of the world--an atonement available to all who repent of their sin and believe in Him alone for forgiveness and salvation.

We believe Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried, and the third day He bodily arose from the dead guaranteeing the bodily resurrection of all those who have received eternal life through faith in Him. We believe salvation from judgment, forgiveness of sin and eternal life are free gifts of God s grace and cannot be earned, deserved, inherited or bought.

We believe only those who believe in Jesus Christ and receive Him into their inner being will escape eternal judgment and be accepted into heaven.

We believe in the imminent, visible, bodily return of Jesus Christ to this earth to reign in righteousness and justice.

We believe the true church is not an organization, but the Body of Christ made up of those who have personally trusted Jesus Christ as Savior and publicly confessed Him as Lord.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, inspired by the Spirit of God, without error and thus the supreme and final authority for faith and practice.

We believe that daily Bible reading and prayer are as necessary for the sustenance of spiritual life as food and water are necessary for physical life.

We believe that all believers are commanded to be witnesses for Christ, sharing the Gospel to the whole world.

Meet the Ministry ONE Team:

Dr. Joseph Rhoiney Founder/President/CEO
Rev. Wesley Campball Director of Christian Ministries/Global Reach-Global Harvest
Minister Cecilia Homes Ministry of Worship/Music, Women s Ministry
Russell Knight, Jr. Stewardship Development, Youth/Young Adult Ministry
Hans-Peter Nkansah Ministry of Communications (Media, Social Media, Creative Arts)

G God-centered ministry (Col. 3:16-17,23; II Tim 3:16-17)
R Resource-relevant ministry (Eph 4:11-13; II Cor 9:6-15)
A Approved/Anointed ministry (II Tim 2:15; Eph 2:10)
C Commissioned ministry (Matt 28:19-20; II Tim 1:8-9)
E EXPONENTIAL ministry (Ps 24:1; Jsh 1:8-9; Jn 14:12-14)