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Coming Home -The Americas/Caribbeans Meet Africa
Our Family...Together Again

Saturday, Sept 20th, 2014
Oasis Tabernacle
820 California Ave,Dolton,IL 60419

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One Family...One Fellowship...One Faith (a gathering of people of African-descent from every nation, kindred and tribe)

For centuries people of African-descent worldwide have not had a "global gathering" to celebrate the richness of their heritage or the beauty of the varying cultures that brings an array of flavor and diversity to all of mankind. 
COMING HOME is about the "Diaspora" (a scattered, separated people of African-descent) coming together to: RECONNECT ** RECONCILE ** REUNITE ** REJOICE. People coming alongside one another to express peace, joy, faith, hope and love for ALL mankind.

This is a Global Manifestation of God's Amazing Grace!